Friday & Saturday October 27th and 28th
At the ASU Thunderbird School of Global Management
Friday & Saturday October 27th and 28th
At the ASU Thunderbird School of Global Management

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Exploring Markets to Support Space Settlement

2023 Space Settlement Summit

Join visionaries, innovators, & pioneers charting the new frontiers of life beyond our blue planet.

Thank You to This Year's Sponsors

This is a unique, invitation-only event, offering intimate access to some of the leading figures in space settlement. You will join the NSS leadership and a dynamic group of leaders from the space industry, government, military, and academia.

This Summit will be highly interactive, with all participants actively engaged in workshops, discussions, and presentations on policies that will encourage the rapid development of technologies and capabilities required to get thousands of people living and working in space in our lifetimes.

Featured Presenters for 2023

We're thrilled to host an exceptional group of leaders, innovators, and influencers who are actively shaping our path toward space settlement. These skilled professionals bring a wealth of experience from a variety of disciplines, ranging from entrepreneurship to space science, policy development, and global logistics.

Join us to hear these thought leaders share their insights, experiences, and vision for our future in space.
Get ready to be inspired!

All Presenters

Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Figurehead in the Spirits & Space Sectors

Founder and CEO of Ravelin US LLC

Expert on Advanced Entry Systems & Thermal Protection

Program Coordinator of the Masters of Space Operations program

Sr. Director of In Space Production Applications & Chief Scientific Officer of Redwire

Founder of Astra-Terra

Preeminent Thought-Leader in Space Medicine

President & Ceo , Co-founder Paragon Space Development Corporation

Director of Space Leadership Thunderbird ASU

Leading Space Entrepreneur

Chief Scientist - USSF

Chairman National Space Society Board of Governors

Manager, In Space Production Applications (InSPA) Portfolio

Major General, Retired - USAF, NASA

President & CEO of LambdaVision

NASA Deputy Administrator

U.S. Congressman

Maxar Technologies Oceania and Pacific Region

Col., Astronaut - USAF, NASA

Technology And Policy Expert

Who's It For?

The Space Settlement Summit 2023 is tailor-made for the visionaries of our time — industry leaders, pioneers in space technology, policy-makers, and passionate advocates of space exploration, development, and settlement. If you're shaping the narrative of space settlement and envisioning life beyond Earth, this summit is for you.

Why Attend?

Navigate the trajectory of our long-term future in space alongside the best in the field. Share ideas, explore synergies in the emergent in-space ecosystem, and be part of dynamic discussions that will set the course for humanity’s next great adventure. Engage, collaborate, and get energized at this nexus of innovation and imagination -- the Space Settlement Summit 2023!

About the National Space Society (NSS)

The National Space Society (NSS) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the creation of a spacefaring civilization. Our vision is a future where people live and work in thriving communities beyond the Earth. NSS is committed to a space settlement agenda that will transform space from a frontier to a robustly inhabited and developed domain.

Our Mission

To empower humanity's future in space. We advocate for the exploration and settlement of space through policy, advocacy, outreach, and education. We inspire and educate the general public, support cutting-edge research, and promote the unifying power of space for the betterment of humanity. Our goal is a future where the limitless resources of space benefit all of humanity, fueling a new era of prosperity, opportunity, and discovery.

Summit VEnue Information

Thunderbird Initiative for Space Leadership, Business, and Policy serves as a hub for academic-industry-governmental collaboration in space research, education, and development. We bring scholars, executives, founders, policymakers, and military officers together to address industry, national, and global challenges.

Our vision is to build a better future for our nation and planet by ensuring that space organizations are well-managed and that space technologies are well-applied. We will achieve this by empowering the next generation of global space leaders with domain expertise, 21st-century management skills, and powerful personal networks in the space community. The future is launching here. If you would like to learn more about our different programs, you can click here.

Join us at the Thunderbird School of Global Management, Arizona State University—the prestigious venue for Space Settlement Summit 2023. Nestled in vibrant Phoenix, the campus masterfully balances modern design with natural beauty, reflecting our mission to unite technological innovation with sustainability.

Inside, experience state-of-the-art facilities primed for meaningful dialogue. Spacious conference rooms, comfortable accommodations, and seamless connectivity set the stage for a transformative summit experience.

All this and more is yours at Thunderbird, Where the future of space settlement begins today. 

Venue Address:

401 North 1st Street, Phoenix, Arizona, 85004

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Summit Schedule

Get ready for two days packed with enlightening talks, engaging panel discussions, and networking opportunities at the Space Settlement Summit 2023. Our curated schedule is designed to maximize your experience and facilitate a comprehensive exploration of the critical issues concerning space settlement.

Special Invite for You!

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October 26th from 6 pm to 9 pm - Sponsored Event

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In Gratitude,

Colleen McLeod Garner

Current Thunderbird Director of Sales- West CASA AZUL SPIRITS
CEO/Founder, InterGalactic Imbibing LLC

Have Questions?

Contact Aggie Kobrin at the National Space Society for more information